Add Applications


Auto Run Utility  v.1.00

Auto Run Utility to add applications to System start up.

Sigma Launcher

Launch by one simple click (exactly one!) your favorite programs, without any kind of toolbars and hotkeys. Add applications you need to the launch menu, and start them at any time. You can add 12 programs to the menu, and launch them by clicking on


Oolauncher  v.

Oolauncher is an software launching management. Easily add applications to be launched at startup. Oolauncher gets auto-start applications from registry and start folders and starts them one by one.

AWIECO RemoteLauncher  v.1.0.0

AWIECO RemoteLauncher is a free and useful add-in, which gives you more administrative possibilities to manage your SBS or WHS remotely.

CSFastRunII  v.

CSFastRunII is a desktop enhancement that allows users to run applications, groups of applications or specific data files like documents, spreedsheets, development projects,

Desktopple Pro  v.1.3.2

Desktopple is for you if you've ever needed to take a screenshot and had to clean all of those icons from your Desktop before you could.

QARE Secure Peer Services Platform (P2P)  v.3.0b5.1

An Experimental Platform for Secure Peer Services, QARE uses a decentralized trust model, a Public Key Infrastructure and provides single logon for multiple applications running across multiple systems.

PFConfig  v.1.0.296

PFConfig is an easy-to-use program that allows you to forward network ports from one network node to another (this is usually called port forwarding or tunneling).

Snow Transformation Pack  v.1 5

The most versatile transformation pack of Snow Leopard with cooperation from many talent artists in deviantart. This program will change the way you look at your Windows Vista/7 to be like Snow Leopard.

BartPE  v.3.1.10a

"Ntldr is missing press anykey to restart" - this message appears on my screen when I open my computer. I restart my computer and this message appears again.

AlsoGet Free  v.3.1

AlsoGet is a Windows Version of Fast Desktop Assistant AlsoGet is a fast desktop assistant that can record all the installed programs,running programs, folders, web pages, recent documents, recent folders, automatically classified as a tree structure

LauncherMode  v.1.05

LauncherMode is simple launcher utility.

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